January 21, 2020

This Rich Man Treats Girls as House Furniture

The name of this millionaire is Tony Toutouni and he has no respect for girls. He Treats them as house furniture and demean them in every way possible . Here are some of his image where he is treating girls like sluts and whores and using then as house props.

  1. Using a hot topless girl in panty as table and putting a flower pot on her back


2.Using naked girls as food Plate

He often eat off from the body of nude girls being used as plates. In the image body there is a naked girl lying on the table with sushi all over her body.


Hot naked women covered with fruits being used as a plate for food salad.



3. Riding Hot girls on her ass


4. Making Topless girls Fill Petrol In his car

He makes hot and topless girl fill gas in his car in the full public view. Tony Toutouni Is always accompanied by nude and topless girls.


5. Making nude girls walk on leash like dogs.

He is so found of disrespecting girls that he make them walk on leash like dogs and pots their images on Instagram.


6. Miscellaneous images of Tony Toutouni with naked girls

Tony Toutouni carrying a naked girl without panties on the streets of New York.


He has a habit of flaunting his wealth. Tony Toutouni flaunts his wealth by covering naked girl’s asses with cash and taking their images.