January 25, 2020

Gautam getting cozy with Diandra Soares In Bigg Boss 8


This season of Big Boss are becoming plane pair sometime soon. Upen Patel where the first day sukriti good friendship with his fellow passengers saw top show the other day saying that they Upen Patel Natasha are very cute.
But the other day to see what was most interesting was that the growing friendship between Gautam Gulati and Dayndra Soares and even a little love and care. Gautam Gulati to sacrifice your sleep at night when you were sleeping in the garden out back then pushes his eye Aiँ Dayndra.


Then Gautam Gulati Dayndra inside the aircraft by the great massage lotion in their feet fell in love. The aircraft and passengers were present but made ​​no difference to the fact Dayndra.
Gautam Gulati wants to see Shartles Dayndra-
From day one, we can say that while it looks flirted with each other.