The Hottest Actress In Bollywood

The Hottest Actress In Bollywood

Without a doubt: Sunny Leone

Why she is the Hottest Actress In Bollywood?

She has international commercial power bridging two markets bringing with her the US audience while winning over an Indian one.

Karanjeet Kaur Vohra, or Sunny Leone, was born on May 13 of 1981 to a Punjabi Sikh family in Ontario, Canada. Sunny grew up as a tomboy being very active in games and playing street hockey with the boys.

Even though she is a Sikh, she was admitted to a Catholic school feeling rather uncomfortable being in public schools. At the age of 16, Sunny lost her virginity to another student at school.

She was named Pethouse pet of the year in 2003:

Her real foray into India films came in 2012 when she starred in Pooja Bhatt’s Jism 2:

Then Jackpot in 2013:

Followed by Ragini MMS 2 in 2014:

Here are some additional pictures of her:

She hustled her way to the top of a very competitive industry and then pivoted mid-career into yet another hyper competitive industry and is making a good living. Anyone being able to do that in any discipline should deserve some respect and recognition.