January 21, 2020

Andressa Urach went Topless -FIFA 2014

Andressa Urach Moisés Lucarelli stadium was to report to the training of Portugal to “Very Show” but was expelled and barred by security, still getting the credential seized.
The former Miss Butt was in Campinas to monitor the training of the Portuguese national team through the “Great Show” but his input was allowed. Andressa Urach was eventually expelled from the field and still had their credential confiscated by security.

“I came to say good luck to CR7 and got kicked out of the fields,” said Urach. “They took my press pass, as if I’d blame everything!” The spokesperson for the channel that gave the work to the model said that the credential was concerned only to training in Portugal.

“I came to the field to ‘Very Show’ of RedeTV! because my director sent. Just laughing it … Where is the freedom of expression? “Blurted the vice miss Butt 2012.

There are not yet any comments by the advice of the Portuguese seleçã or stadium Campinas but, it seems, the expulsion may be related to the controversy between Andressa Urach and Cristiano Ronaldo.

In 2013 the beauty claimed to have spent a night with the Portuguese ace, when he was already involved with model Irina Shayk. At the time, Cristiano Ronaldo denied everything and said he did not even know the model Andressa threatening a lawsuit.