Bigg Boss Season 8 Day 4: New Member Will Join the House

Big boss’s House is going to be 5 day fun. House kitchen since the openingcontroversy has opened the box. Learn what today would be:
Dispute On Kitchen
Pranit kitchen takes some much to show in terms of pubescence before fully grownhainaur kitchen takes some more intervention. It is not the rest of the House members.Morning the battle with his own property, is the kitchen. Also like that of durand pranitdoes not.

Secret society also crack
On the other hand, big boss’s secret society members give a task, from which one ofhis weaker members must choose. After the trio’s team is split in the fall. These weakerMember will go with the rest. The result could be to move, punit issar knocked him down. Remain a member of the secret society dipshikha and Pritam. Have lost allprivileges while punit now.

Punit issar entry
Punit is also great fun entry. Dark and suspense is created. Blood character music withpunit entry occurs. He is a tremendous welcome. Each Member of the Mahabharatathe character punit Home Add. They are like the Arjun Gautam to upen Karan, Arya toanything said to the Nakul and Sushant bhin, pranit. They make themselves tend toend up with bhishmapitamah.

First birthday
As soon as night 12 bajte, the home for the first time in the Member’s birthday manaecomes the chance to go. Birthday is pranit. Pranit secret society from their lugĀ­Gage andbusiness class features with their remaining colleagues sharing request, but only if the background sounds of their Mummy pranit in resonant and become all emotional.