Charlie Sheen and his wild ways of living


“Who love the kids” Charlie Waffles.
This quote reminds of a fun go actor from a sitcom which was one of the biggest hit of its time.
Charlie Sheen confessed the last week that he is suffering from HIV on the today’s Show.
Charlie Sheen has been living with this secret for years and he was always concerned that he don’t transmit it to other.
Han, Charlie’s assistant for one and a half years recalls one of such incidents. It was high end party at Charlie’s house . Everybody was high on cocaine. Suddenly Charlie took out a blade and spilled some of it on the floor.
A friend jokingly told that it the tiger blood.
He eventually went forward to touch the red fluid Charlie shouted angrily “don’t touch my blood”
No one really understood the matter at that time. But now everything is clear after the confession that Charlie is having the dirty virus inside him.

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