‘I was told to show underwear in a film song’ -Priyanka Chopra

The past few days of Bollywood actresses have begun to take their point of bebaki. Deepika Padukone Priyanka Chopra now has bold Tweet Twitter opened a secret of his life Frank on. In an interview on Twitter Priyanka said that a filmmaker has asked me to sing to show underwear but I refused to work in the film. In interviews given to a prestigious magazine Twitter Priyanka Chopra has reported it.

Priyanka when asked questions he was a producer and Director, who said you’re a stranger came and said the best thing about was also in the world. “in response to this question by Priyanka wrote, ‘ show me a film song in the underwear had been asked to, so much as to draw on the side of the film to the audience. Although I refuse to quit the film. ‘